Master Plans
Overall Master Plans include an analysis and development of land use, landscape patterns, circulation and traffic patterns including phasing recommendations in consideration of topography vegetation, adjoining areas and unique features for commercial, residential, industrial, institutional and municipal sites. 
In addition to planting designs, master plans include the design of structures such as entrances, walkways, parking areas, planters, swimming pools, outdoor kitchens, courtyards, terraces, fences, spas, etc. Master plans for recreational areas might also include tennis courts, golf courses, boat docks, campsites, ball fields, running tracks, pools, recreational equipment, etc.
Site Surveys and Base Plans
Site plans include a land analysis and plan development based on optimal use of the natural characteristics 
and aesthetic potential of the site. It also includes the layout of traffic patterns and architectural placements. Examples are subdivision and apartment layouts, office parks, lakes, building placements, and parking areas, etc. Land composition, topography and utility are among the criteria considered.
Construction Documents, Details and Specifications
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3D Sketches
Our office uses the latest in technology to bring a Master Plan to life through 3D Renderings. This process often helps our clients truly visualize their future project. Select the images below to see a few examples.
For more examples, see our Portfolio.
Co-ordination of Design Requirements
Construction Documents cover the preparation of final plans including specifications and details for implementation of the landscape plan. The precise location of walkways, planters, swimming pools, decking, cooking areas, bridges, fountains, ponds, streams, gazebos, arbors, etc. are included as are structures utilizing materials such as wood, concrete, brick and stone. Planting specifications and the detailed planting plan showing the location, size and quantities of all plants are also covered in these documents.
Planting Plans and Irrigation Planning
Planting specifications and a detailed planting plan showing the location, size and quantities of all plants are covered in these documents. Irrigation Plans include a complete analysis of irrigation needs, followed by plan development drawings, specifications and details.
We provide our clients with assistance in necessary consultations with other project professionals such as architects, engineers and general contractors.

  ~  Plan Implementation and Landscape Installation
Encompasses implementation of all items included in the construction

  ~  Project Management
Covers project supervision involving coordination between contractors, 
other personnel, material procurement, time restrictions, and budget.

  ~  Landscape Lighting
Involves a complete assessment of lighting needs and lighting placement.

  ~  Irrigation
Covers all necessary labor and equipment required by irrigation design
plans for actual installation.

  ~  Interior Planting
Services are offered primarily to commercial enterprises and involves 
procurement, placement and scheduled maintenance of interior plants 
and planters.
Plan Implementation
Master Plan implementation covers the observation of plan installation, both hard construction and planting, as desired by the client.
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